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Athena Building Services offer solutions for all your facilities management needs.

Using The Building Engineering Services Association's Service and Facilities Group database (SFG20) to ensure compliance, and working closely with our clients, we are able to work with you to meet your company's strategic goals.

Our skilled staff, and network of specialist contractors, meaning we are able to deliver the best possible solutions for all your Facility's needs. We can tailor your requirements to your exact needs and costs from purely statute requirements to full services provision of hard services facilities management.

If you would like Athena Building Services to discuss or quote your requirements for a Water Management System, please do not hesitate to email us or telephone us on the numbers below.

Mobile Boiler Temporary Heating Solutions Hire

We can provide a quick immediate response depending on what unforeseen circumstances you are presented with, helping make less of an impact on your business and public services.

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